Do you want to optimize and secure your international payments routes?

Natixis has been a member of SWIFT gpi since 2017, alongside many other of the world’s biggest banks.
Our experts develop new and secure digital solutions to optimize international payments and better meet financial institutions’ needs.

With Natixis, you will benefit from a global coverage for all your payments to and from Europe, as well as for your payments in euros in Africa, thanks to our vast network of African partners.

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GPI Innovations

GPI innovations

The development and widespread adoption of gPI is leading to new standards for an improved payment experience.

The transformation of international payments, begun by Swift gpi in partnership with banks, is reflected in the development of increasingly innovative solutions such as g4C "gpi for Corporates" and gCCT Inst.

Natixis is participating in the implementation of the g4C project with Swift, simplifying multi-bank services for corporate customers. Thanks to this solution, corporate treasurers will have a single, fully integrated view of the status of their cross-border payments in their TMS and ERP systems.

Natixis is a member of the gCCT Inst scheme. Participating in this experiment, which interconnects local instant payment systems in all major geographical areas, underlines our commitment as an innovative bank to our customers.

Tracking and following your international payments


As an active member of the SWIFT network, Natixis was the first French bank to demonstrate its total conformity to gpi standards, playing an active role in all the gpi statutes as an issuing, beneficiary and intermediary bank. Through SWIFT gpi, Natixis targets all financial institutions wishing to secure, speed up and increase the transparency of their cross-border payments.


Tracking your payments: My Tracked Transfer

Do you want to track your international payments?

Building on SWIFT gpi, My Tracked Transfer allows you to clearly follow your operations, from issuance to reception, via a dedicated space in your Natixis portal.

Bank Service Billing (BSB)

The BSB service aims to give a clear view of banking fees by type of product and contracted payment service.
We strive to offer our clients real transparency regarding fees applicable to negotiated rates.



You are a bank outside of the SEPA zone and your clients want to make transfers to France?

Natixis’ European Management Account provides you with a centralized account to help your clients manage their payments in euros.



You want to transfer money to Africa?

With a network of 250 partner banks on African soil, Natixis is proud to offer its Africa Euro solution. This allows you to centralize your operations around a single point and to control costs and processing times, all the while increasing the security of your international transfers.