TRAKK - Keep Track of Document Trails

Nowadays, faking a document has never been so easy.

Making trade finance a safer and more reliable environment for our clients is at the core of Natixis CIB’s commitment. Therefore, we introduce you Trakk by Komgo, a certification tool that digitally stamp any electronic documents and add an audit trail viewable by any recipient of a protected document.

Trakk has been developed to bring trust between industry actors by giving an extra visibility on documents status, helping raise alerts and detecting fraudulent activities as soon as possible.

You have a Trakk document?

Drag & drop it or upload it below to check its authenticity and audit trail.


How can I register a Trakk document?

To register a document you need to be subscribed to Trakk and upload the document into your library.
However, the verification tool can be used regardless of any subscription.

What is the audit trail?

Knowing the status of actions taken on a document is often more valuable than the document itself.
Any Trakk user in possession of the document can interact with it and register any event or activity performed. Adding activities to the audit trail can be followed in real time via the Trakk module or any Trakk widget.
Therefore, the audit trail strongly mitigates the risk of fraud.

I have received a negative verification, what does it mean?

There are two possible reasons:

  1. the document has been tampered, or
  2. the document might not be registered on Trakk.


Pioneers in the digital transition of Trade Finance, Komgo takes advantage of its digital tools to simplify trade finance, prevent documentary fraud and reduce paper consumption.

Founded in 2018 in Geneva (Switzerland) by key players of trade finance, including Natixis, Komgo is now powering trade networks through their tools like Konsole, Trakk, Market, Check and GTC used by hundreds of corporates and banks across the globe.
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Trakk is a service provided by Komgo. By clicking on this link, you will be redirected to the official website of Komgo. Every verification done with Trakk is redirected towards Komgo without any intervention by aNatixis CIB. If you choose to access Komgo’s website, you are engaging your own responsability. Natixis CIB is not liable nor has any surveillance or control regarding the quality, content, reliability, the update or safety of Komgo’s website, and does not take accountability or responsability regarding its use.