Do you want to optimize and securely manage your payments?

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You want to optimize your international payments?

Innovation for international cash flows

You want to optimize your international payments?

SWIFT gpi has been reshaping the world of international payments since 2017.
Natixis actively participates in numerous initiatives in partnership with SWIFT gpi such as:

  • The gCCT Inst project, which aims to connect local instant payments systems within all the major geographic regions.
  • The g4c service, which allows you to follow all your international cash flows through automatic notifications to your treasury systems (TMS), from the moment of sending through to reception by the beneficiary bank.

These projects demonstrate our commitment as an innovative bank.

You wish to optimize the management of your global cash flows?

We have a large network of partner banks to enable you to carry out your different operations:

  • Transfers and international remittances via the gpi network
  • Transfers with the purchase of fixed rate currencies.
Innovation for SEPA cash flows

Innovation for SEPA cash flows

European bodies wanted to nurture innovation within the SEPA zone by encouraging digitalized, rapid and secure payment means.

- An urgent regulation, a last-minute request?

Instant payment allows you to respond to different use cases 24/7 all year round by instantly crediting your beneficiary.

- A reconciliation problem, a need for intraday visibility over your accounts in the SEPA zone? 

The new services made possible by DSP2, such as account aggregation and initiation of payment, allow you to meet different needs in real time.

Innovation for SEPA cash flows

You want to optimize the management of your cash flows in the SEPA zone?

We offer you a complete range of solutions for your inflows and outflows in euros:

  • Treasury transfers, commercial transfers, salary transfers, urgent transfers, instant transfers
  • Service for due accepted invoices
  • SEPA Core or B2B deductions.
Tracking and following your international payments

Tracking and following your international payments

You want to follow the processing of your international payments end-to-end?

The My Tracked Transfer service, based on the SWIFT gpi initiative, is a solution that allows you to follow international payment flows in real time. Via the Trade & Treasury Solutions portal, you can track your cross-border operations from beginning to end.


Your automated treasury needs several reporting levels?

Increase your control with the help of a comprehensive range of reporting tools:

  • Acknowledgement receipts
  • Pending transactions
  • Transaction records
  • Account statements
  • Bank Service Billing (BSB).

Bank Service Billing (BSB)

The BSB service aims to give a clear view of banking fees by type of product and contracted payment service.
We strive to offer our clients real transparency regarding fees applicable to negotiated rates.



Do you want to check the IBANs of one or several of your counterparts (provider, clients, etc.)?

SEPAmail Diamond provides a way of checking banking details. It is an efficient means of detecting typos and, more broadly, preventing IBAN fraud.

Aimed at company treasurers, this service allows you to check, in real time, the account number (IBAN) and whether or not it matches the account owner (physical person or corporate entity). The service also allows you to check an entire IBAN database (for example the supplier base).



You want to monitor your cashflows and identify abnormal orders as early as possible?

MyContrôles is a digital service that secures payments and international transfers, helping combat social engineering fraud, such as the impersonation of CEOs and suppliers. MyContrôles allows clients to be alerted and block cash flows thanks to pre-selected filters (new IBANs, country, amount, currency, etc.).



The objective of eBAM* is to clarify, improve, reliability and harmonize the management of banks accounts, in order to avoid errors and fraud. 

*Electronic Bank Account Management