My Tracked Transfer g4C, your new international payment tracking solution

After its MTT online service, Natixis constantly continues to innovate and is now launching MTT g4C, a new solution for monitoring your international transfers, based on SWIFT’s gpi for Corporates (g4C) Pay & Trace and Inbound Tracking functions.

Monitoring international payments is now easy using MTT g4C – whether you have made the transfer or are waiting for payment, you will receive all notifications on the status of your payments directly to your TMS*.

We will send you all notifications from issue right through to credit to the payee’s account to ensure full transparency, while the service also offers visibility on bank fees and foreign exchange fees applied where appropriate.

With MTT g4C, stay ahead on your transfers!

Contact your sales contacts for further information.

*Treasury Management System

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« In a rapidly evolving and increasingly global business landscape, corporates rely on their banking partners to support them in running effective treasury operations. Since its launch, SWIFT gpi has been widely adopted as the new norm in cross-border payments by the global financial community, dramatically improving customer experience. By using SWIFT gpi for Corporates, Natixis’ customers can enjoy more efficient cash management with a faster turnaround time. We look forward to continuing the journey with our banking partners such as Natixis in delivering faster, transparent and traceable cross-border payments to their corporate customers.» Arnaud Delehaye, Head of SWIFT France

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