An innovative platform to digitalize trade finance!

Over the past few years, Natixis has prioritized the use of secured electronic channels to communicate with its clients.

Thus, Natixis encourages the use of the Komgo multi-bank platform, a powerful network of trust allowing each of its members to exchange structured and authenticated messages with attachments within the Trade Finance framework.

Komgo offers essential features in the world of trade finance

four blocks about komgo

Key advantages are:

  • Better and easier communication,
  • Receivable discounting and even KYC,
  • Secured end-to-end communication channel protecting each users of fraud attempt,
  • Real-time view of your operation workflow

“Digitalization in the trade finance industry has been a long time coming. Over-reliance on paper and physical workflows are unsustainable and pose unnecessary risk to companies and lenders, which is negatively impacting the availability of liquidity needed to support global trade. At Komgo we’re pleased to be at the forefront of transformation in this sector, as we support our clients to usher in a more efficient and secure way of trading."

Souleïma Baddi, CEO, Komgo

“Komgo platform is one of the cornerstones of Global Trade digital strategy. It has been designed to secure and optimize our exchanges with our clients, and to bring efficiency to all the network members. Commodities Trade Finance way of working needs to change and Komgo is among the most appropriated digital roads to move forward.”

Anne-Cécile Delas, Global Head of Global Trade, Natixis

anne-cecile delas

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