Secure your clients’ and suppliers’ bank details with SEPAmail Diamond !

SEPAmail Diamond was designed by an interbank consortium – which includes Groupe BPCE as one of its main partners – and is aimed at safeguarding bank details, effectively detecting input error and preventing IBAN fraud.


The service is designed for corporate treasurers and allows users to check that any given account number exists (IBAN) and matches the account-holder’s name (individual or company).


SEPAmail Diamond allows users to: 
-     avoid payment rejections due to data errors;

  • secure banking detail databases and manage them more efficiently;
  • swiftly identify any bank fraud they may have suffered;
  • enhance productivity.


Our SEPAmail Diamond solution is highly flexible, enabling users to check bank details either individually or from a file, and does not require any development to existing IT systems.


The connection to is fully secure and uses strong authentication methods, as users can either receive notification via their mobile telephone or use physical certificate-based authentication.


The results of the check are detailed in a file that can be downloaded and exported to the user’s IT systems, before executing payment.


Find out how SEPAmail Diamond works!