Natixis launches its account aggregation and payment initiation APIs


Regulation is changing in today’s open banking* world, and now also governs access to account data as well as payment initiation across the entire SEPA area**.

Each bank must therefore provide secure and high-performance access via APIs or Application Program Interfaces for new participants – AISP (Account Information Service Providers) and PISP (Payment Initiation Service Providers) – to comply with new regulation outlined in the second Payment Services Directive (PSD 2).


Simple and secure access

Documentation on our account aggregation and payment initiation APIs is available from March 14, 2019 on our Open API portal:

Information communicated via these APIs is entirely secure as a result of several levels of checks:


  • prior agreement from the account holder
  • payment service provider check
  • strong customer authentication


An innovative and promising system

Natixis also offers developers, fintechs and payment service providers a sandbox to try out its APIs from March 14, 2019, before the official opening of these new APIs slated for September 14, 2019.


DSP2-related APIs are the first building blocks for Open Banking, which helps clients:

  • benefit from a wide range of increasingly innovative financing services in real time
  • gain access to the bank’s financial services directly via new channels from an existing IT system for an optimized experience.


* * Open banking: technology that creates bridges between various banking service sector participants’ IT systems

** Single European Payment Area: 34 countries in Europe

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